Potato Corn Soup with Bacon

The corn and cilantro in this soup keeps it summery and the bacon adds a slightly smoky flavor.  I included the recipe for the broth I used at the very bottom of the post, it is slightly sweet and compliments many soups, stews and grains very well.  Bone broth is extremely nutritious for us.  After the bones are stewed for a few hours the broth becomes very rich in gelatin, bone marrow, collagen, calcium and magnesium, all of which strongly contribute to healthy immune systems, joints, bones, hair and skin.   Continue Reading →

Tropical Puffed Salad

Of course everyone knows that salads are usually a healthy option, but when they are not drenched in creamy dressing they can get pretty bland and boring.  One way I like to mix them up is with puffed grains, they add some interesting texture and a unique lightness.  Plus, I find that the addition avocado and other fruits highly increase my desire to eat a salad (along with increasing my intake of vitamins). Continue Reading →

Piña Colada Smoothie

Smoothies are great not just because they are fast and delicious, but also because they are easy to digest. Generally, most people do not chew their food enough so their digestive system has to work harder to break down the pieces of food, this takes away energy that could be devoted to something else. Because well blended food is easier to digest, it also means that the nutrients are easier for our bodies to absorb- making for a great après workout refuel. Continue Reading →