Probiotic Rich Chai Porridge

Probiotics are one of the most increasingly marketed aspects of nutrition. Our small intestines, where much of our digestion and nutrient absorption takes place, need to have an optimal balance of intestinal flora, or gut bacteria, to do their jobs and keep our digestive and immune systems in order. One way to support our intestines is through consuming probiotics, either through supplement form or a range of fermented foods. Continue Reading →

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

There is a very good reason why moms and grandmas make chicken noodle soup when someone is sick. Traditionally made broth, whether from the butcher, market or one’s own kitchen, is simmered for several hours, which allows all the minerals and vitamins from the bones to transfer to the soup and provides the types of protein we need most to regain our strength and fortify our immune systems.  Continue Reading →

Crockpot Lamb Shanks

Lamb shanks are not very tender but with a bit of prep work and a day in the slow cooker they will be falling off the bone, and they are much lower in saturated fat than some other cuts. Lamb meat is a good source of iron, zinc and several B vitamins- all of which are integral for forming red blood cells and maintaining high energy levels and a strong immune system.  Continue Reading →

Mega Omega Salmon Salad

Omega 3s are an essential fatty acid, essential meaning that our body cannot make it, so adequate sources must be obtained from food. Fatty acids are important for the development and regulation of the nervous system and immune system; plus they keep hair, skin and nails hydrated and strong. The ideal ratio of omega 3s to omega 6s is between 1 to 1 and 1 to 4, but the majority of North Americans consume upwards of 1 to 20. Continue Reading →