Black and Blue Cardamom Smoothie

What I like best about golfing this time of year is the succulent blackberries that line the edges of some of the holes. There is something that feels very “hunter-gatherer” about picking wild berries, even if they are right next to perfectly manicured land meant for dedicating hours of leisure time to, something that was in much shorter supply before we developed agriculture and cities. Berry picking also takes me back to my childhood, it was one of the few times that I would have access to an unlimited amount of sweets, and when they were ripened on the vine and warmed from the sun I liked them even more than five cent candy. Continue Reading →

Grilled Orange Chicken with Orange Vegetables

My brother requested orange chicken and he seemed a little surprised when I thought it was a good idea. I later realized that the orange chicken he is used to is deep fried fast food from an Americanized Chinese food take out place. Luckily he liked this version. I use different citrus fruits a lot in cooking, lemon and lime are usually my first choices but orange, blood orange, tangerine and grapefruit all go really nicely with poultry. The left over end bits can be used to make your water fancy. Continue Reading →