PB&J Crisp

Fruit crisp is a really easy and fast dessert to make. It is not finicky at all, the ingredients and their ratios do not have to be very specific and it always turns into a warm, grounding dish. Since the doughy part is made primarily from oats (whole grains) instead of refined white flour like fruit pies and tarts the end product has much more protein and fiber as well as B vitamins and several minerals including manganese, magnesium and phosphorus, all important for bone formation and several other body functions. Not only do all those nutrients make it healthier, but they also make it more filling. Continue Reading →

Roasted Red Pepper Butternut Soup

Technically it isn’t fall yet but I’m up in the mountains and the temperatures in the evening are cold enough to warrant warm, creamy dishes centered around squash. Smoothies are often praised for the fact that they are easy to digest because they are already blended up, leaving less work for the digestive system- but the same goes for blended soups. Unlike many traditional comfort foods, a soup loaded with fresh vegetables and other high quality ingredients can be gentle on our bodies and full of health supporting nutrients. Continue Reading →

Chicken Chorizo Bake

It’s dark and wet outside and I’m curled up in blankets by the fireplace. This is my favorite kind of weather, the kind that requires high boots and long coats. It also requires warming and nourishing food that was stewed slowly, to the point where all the flavors blend together and become something even better than each part is individually. Continue Reading →