Yam Oregano Frittata Muffins

Yam Oregano Frittata MuffinsThese frittata muffins provide enough easy to digest and absorb protein along with complex carbohydrates to provide an energizing pre-workout snack or to help your body recover as a post-workout snack. Since they can be made in advance and are easily portable and reheatable they’re great for a fast breakfast, a lunch to take to work or school or provide some sustenance for a picnic. Continue Reading →

Cherry Smoothie Chia Pudding

Cherry Smoothie Chia PuddingChia pudding is usually made by soaking chia seeds in nut milk along with whatever flavorings are desired. The seeds become gelatinous when they come in contact with liquid and after around 20 minutes the mixture thickens up to a pudding-like consistency. Back in the days of the Aztecs chia seeds were revered for the energy they provided and were a secret weapon of warriors. The chia pudding of today is a great way to consume these tiny seeds, since it is easy to digest and full of nutrients. Continue Reading →

Spice Crusted Steak Tacos

Steak has a bad rap in some food circles and while many restaurant portions far exceed what is necessary, consuming it occasionally in moderate amounts can provide some important nutrients. Some restaurant tricks for great steak are using cuts that are very marbled, with thick white veins of fat running throughout the meat to provide extra flavor and juiciness, and to baste it in butter as it cooks. However, there are a few tricks that can be used at home to create a lighter, healthier option Continue Reading →

Strawberry Watermelon Coconut Smoothie

Strawberry Watermelon Coconut SmoothieThis is the kind of snack or light meal to enjoy out on the patio or out at the beach as the days get hotter. Smoothies are really easy to digest so they provide fast nutrients on lazy summer days. This combination features hydrating watermelon with fragrant strawberries, rich coconut meat, creamy cashew butter and a date for extra sweetness. Continue Reading →

Za’atar Envelope Vegetables

Za'atar Envelope VegetablesZa’atar is an Egyptian spice blend that commonly features sumac, sesame seeds, sea salt and some combination of thyme, marjoram and/or sage. The citrus notes in the sumac balance the nuttiness of the sesame and earthiness of the herbs, and the blend goes well with any vegetables you have on hand and like baked. It offers enough flavor for adventurous eaters but is not too overpowering for the more demure palates. Continue Reading →

Spiced Apple Energy Balls

Spiced Apple Energy BallsEnergy balls are a fast and easy way to combine simple ingredients to create a portable, low-maintenance, nutrient dense and energy dense snack. Soft Medjool dates and nut butter provide a lot of flavor and bind all the drier ingredients together. Dried apple lightens them up, pecans add some buttery crunch, oats make them more substantial and the vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg give some depth of flavor and make them taste more complicated to make than they are. Continue Reading →