Apple Pork Chops

Apple Pork ChopsPork chops have long been a favourite in my family. Our dad makes a really good breaded and fried version and my brother, who is becoming quite the master chef, makes them with apples and brown sugar (my other brother’s most recent creative culinary idea was reverse cordon bleu- chicken cooked in a block of cheese, so luckily for our health he doesn’t cook very often). I stole the apple idea and added some wine, dijon and maple syrup which cook down into a sauce and keep the pork tender. Continue Reading →

Granola Baked Apples

Granola Baked ApplesBaked apples were one of my favourite childhood treats, long before I started caring for healthy food. My mom used to cut out the core then stuff them with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. While that combination is impossible to beat, I like to sometimes use granola instead for a more filling and nutritious version. Continue Reading →

Butternut Squash Bacon Spaghetti

Butternut Squash Bacon SpaghettiAs the temperatures drop outside the two foods I find more and more enticing are bacon and pasta- neither are traditionally regarded as the most healthy ingredients. For the bacon, a dish like this is perfect because a little goes a long way and just a few pieces infuse the whole dish with its flavour, coming up in every bite. An extra flavourful variety like Tyrolean Speck (often labelled as Tiroler Bacon), with distinct juniper undertones and a longer curing time, is ideal. Continue Reading →

Vanilla Spice Smoothie

Vanilla Spice SmoothieThere are no greens or weird sea algae powders in this smoothie as is my usual habit- sometimes it’s nice to have a sweet treat with a relatively simple, familiar ingredient list. This version has vanilla protein powder for extra nutrients, frozen banana to make it creamy and medjool dates for some extra but natural sweetness. The addition of spices assists digestion and adds some seasonal flavour, while vanilla almond milk brings it all together. It actually tastes surprisingly similar to egg nog, Continue Reading →

Roasted Chipotle Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted Chipotle Pumpkin SeedsWhen it comes to seeds and pits, most of what we find in our produce is inedible and something to cut away and get rid of. Pumpkin seeds, however, are a delicious and very healthy food that should not be discarded. When roasted they have a rich, nutty taste with a crispy texture and can be eaten on their own or thrown into salads or over soups as a crouton alternative. Continue Reading →