Banana French Toast

Banana French Toast French toast is technically not that French and it existed well before France was even a country. Bread has long been a staple food for many cultures since the shift to agrarian societies and it was discovered that soaking stale bread in milk (and also often eggs) then frying it extended its shelf life- making it edible past its prime. Our first written record of the dish was in a cookbook credited to Apicius, all the way back in 4th century Rome. With the right bread it can be a good, healthy base to build a breakfast plate off of. Continue Reading →

Chana Masala

Chana MasalaChana Masala is an Indian dish featuring chickpeas in a spiced tomato sauce, with chana meaning chickpeas and masala meaning a spice blend. It is warm, fragrant, comforting, stick-to-your-ribs kind of food. On cold, dark February nights with the rain pounding outside there are few things I find more comforting than gathering around a candlelit table with friends and eating hearty, spiced, exotic food like this.  Continue Reading →

Espresso Brownie Bites

Espresso Brownie BitesSomething even better than coffee or chocolate is both of them together. Neither are touted as health foods but in the right package they can be pretty nutrient dense. A non-traditional brownie like this based off of dates and nuts is full of fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. I do not believe in intense restrictions or avoiding beloved foods but I think that choosing ingredients as close to their natural state as possible combines the best of both worlds- health and pleasure. Something like this allows for a chocolate fix but does not have ingredients that are really draining for the body like refined (white) flour and sugar. Continue Reading →

Thai Salad Stuffed Avocado

Thai Salad Stuffed AvocadoTopping a salad off with avocado always makes it better, flipping it around and using a whole half of the buttery fruit as a base to build upon is a good way to mix it up. When it comes to eating seasonally, a salad can be appropriate and satisfying even during the winter months if it has enough substance. Here, the avocado, brown rice and creamy peanut sauce add lots of fiber, complex carbs and healthy fats to weigh down the vegetables, but the Thai inspired flavours keep it light and refreshing. Continue Reading →

Blood Orange Chicken with Honey Rose Glaze and Almonds

Blood Orange Chicken with Honey Rose Glaze and AlmondsMost of the restaurants I have been to this past week have been spreading some festive Valentine’s cheer with delicious cocktails featuring rose water. Since they were so enjoyable it got me thinking about how I could use it in savoury dishes. Chicken is an easy and healthy conduit that takes on most flavours well and since rose water is mainly used in Middle Eastern and North African cuisine I went Moroccan and added in some other typical ingredients for a simple dish with some exotic flair. Continue Reading →

Bacon Butternut Chickpea Pesto Pasta

Bacon Butternut Chickpea Pesto PastaA comforting bowl of pasta can get some extra nutrients by using whole grain pasta, adding in some fiber and protein rich buttery chickpeas and sneaking in a vegetable that become quite tasty and pretty inconspicuous like sweet butternut squash. Bacon provides a ton of flavour and makes the dish extra filling while a light, oil-based sauce like pesto enhances all the other flavours and keeps it from getting too weighed down. Continue Reading →