Lemon Tarragon Chickpea Chicken

Lemon Savory ChickenAs much as I love cooking there are days when it is the last thing I feel like doing. In such scenarios there is one trick that revives my affection for toiling over the oven- getting weird and unusual ingredients. The moment I found these purple yams  my creative juices started flowing and I was looking forward to preparing something new. Both yams and butternut are quite sweet and starchy, making them sweet and satisfying. Combined with fiber-rich chickpeas and light zucchini, they all make the chicken into an easy one-pot dish. Some fresh herbs and lemon add in lots of flavour and a bit of broth keeps the chicken moist.  Continue Reading →

Peanut Butter Banana Fig Smoothie

Peanut Butter Banana Fig SmoothieGrowing up, the only encounters I had with figs were the dried and processed versions in the Fig Newton’s my grandpa would try to pass off as “cookies”. Then, despite the misgivings inspired by how gross I thought they were, I finally tried them fresh and unadulterated when I was visiting family in New Zealand. They ripened on the tree in the yard and were like precious jewels that magically appeared on the kitchen counter every so often. That’s where I fell in love with these fruits- warm, squishy and incredibly sweet- almost too decadently sweet to pass as fruits. Now, whenever I have them I’m taken back to lounging by the pool with the soft breeze coming in from the ocean and the sun warming my skin amid the laughter of loved ones.  Continue Reading →

Spring Green Vegetable Medley

Spring Green Vegetable MedleyAs the days start to lengthen and temperatures rise it is a great time to start taking advantage of the greenery sprouting and lining market stalls. Spring is naturally a time of renewal and the ideal point in the year for us to put a little extra focus on detoxification. One of the best ways to aid this natural and ongoing body process is by consuming fresh, nutrient dense foods- and seasonal green vegetables certainly fit into this category. Asparagus, green beans and peas are all markers of spring and have a nice combination of natural sweetness and astringency. Sautéing them with some garlic and ginger then finishing off with a squeeze of fresh citrus juice is a fast and easy way to add in some flavour while allowing them to still shine. Continue Reading →

Bacon Yam Waffles with Corn Salsa

Bacon Yam Waffles with Corn SalsaThere are so many different ingredients that can be put into a waffle maker and be transformed into fluffy waffles with lightly crisped edges. This version uses mashed yams as the main ingredient (potatoes would work too) and they are held together with eggs and flavoured with onions, chili powder and fresh thyme. Bacon is an optional addition- when chopped into tiny pieces it folds in well to the yam mixture and offers a rich, smoky, meaty touch in every bite. Continue Reading →

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Breakfast CookiesA name can hold great power. If I baked these in a tray then cut them into rectangles and called them oat bars, my brothers would instantly turn their noses up in disgust. But, dropped onto a baking sheet and called cookies, these are at least given a chance. They taste the same and are just as healthy, but the presentation is familiar and associated with positive memories. Now, if I made these too healthy and cut down the sweeteners or tried to pretend they were just like less healthy cookies, they would no longer trust my baking. When substituting ingredients and making healthier options for people who aren’t too into health food it’s imperative to take baby steps. Continue Reading →