Gnocchi Frittata

Gnocchi FrittataFrittatas are such a healthy and easy way to use up leftover ingredients, and the options extend as far as the imagination. I usually like to add in something dense like chopped potatoes or yams, but I went with gnocchi this time. Gnocchi is basically pasta made from potatoes, it is chewy and dense and heavy in all the right ways and is one of my absolute favourite comfort foods, ideal for the fall and winter. Continue Reading →

Pesto Pine Nut and Cannellini Penne Pasta

Pesto Pine Nut and Cannellini Penne PastaWe can all benefit from some vegetarian meals now and then. Pasta is a dependable base for creating a hearty bowl of plant based ingredients. From there, adding in a range of foods with different colours, flavours and textures builds a dish that even those on the more carnivorous side can enjoy. Some legumes like mildly flavoured cannellini beans are sturdy and dense, some nuts like freshly toasted pine nuts add a rich, buttery texture and a range of vegetables add crispness and variety. Continue Reading →

Cheesy Cauliflower Pizza

Cheesy Cauliflower PizzaCauliflower pizza has been quite popular in the world of healthy, trendy foods but I have been skeptical to try it- I thought the cauliflower smell or taste would come through too strongly. Happily, it does not at all and the bottom crust pretty much just tastes like cheese, so this kind of reminds me of a cross between lasagne and pizza since there are basically two layers of cheese with some sauce and toppings in the middle. I did find that once the pizza starts to cool down to room temperature it does taste more vegetable-like but as long as it is eaten warm or reheated I bet that not many would be able to tell the main ingredient. Continue Reading →