Garlicky Fried Rice

My favorite Chinese food take-out item has always been and probably always will be fried rice.  It is so simple but so satisfying.  You can basically add any meat or vegetables to it but I kept it basic this time.  The number one trick in making this is to use rice that has been cooled completely and refrigerated, using freshly cooked rice changes the texture completely because it is lighter, stickier and fluffier. Continue Reading →

Cacao Mountain Granola Bars

Sometimes I just want to put chocolate on everything.  These bars contain four different chocolatey elements, without imposters like white chocolate or diluted milk chocolate (no offense to them).  There is raw cacao, roasted cacao, cacao nibs and raw carob.  Dark chocolate has been making its way onto several healthy food lists because of the antioxidants and nutrients naturally present in cacao like magnesium, calcium, iron and zinc.   Continue Reading →

Crispy Prawns with Citrus Poppyseed Cucumber Salad

It’s an exciting day, I had my first round of ripe cherry tomatoes from the garden!  There weren’t many yet but they make a good addition to this cucumber salad which is very refreshing and nicely balances out the crispy prawns.  Which, by the way are sooo good, they kind of taste like popcorn shrimp, except that they are much healthier than the original which usually calls for larger quantities of nutrient devoid refined oil and a thick white flour based coating. Continue Reading →

Eggplant Bruschetta with Deconstructed Guinness Cottage Pie

One of my brothers has been complaining that the food I have been making lately is not up to his standards.  He likes his food to be beige, maybe with a bit of brown, simple and hearty.  I made this with him in mind and he said I redeemed myself.  It has the same basic flavors as cottage pie, which is shepherd’s pie with beef instead of lamb, but it is easier to throw together.  The bruschetta is a lighter take on the classic, with the added vitamins A, B, and C and calcium and magnesium that eggplant offers.   Continue Reading →

Ayurvedic Khichari

Ayurveda is translated as the science of life and originated in India several thousand years ago, making it the oldest form of healthcare we know of.  Ayurvedic medicine takes a very holistic view and classifies people, body and mind, according to the three doshas (or energies).  The patient is prescribed different foods and spices customized according to their dosha constitution.  The idea is to heal any imbalances and cure or prevent ailments that people are particularly susceptible to.   Continue Reading →

Mexican Bean Salad

This is a very vibrant salad with lots of different vitamins and nutrients. The beans are a great source of folate, calcium, potassium and B vitamins.  They are very dense and help your body utilize leptin, a hormone that signals to your brain that you are satiated.  A salad like this a more food safe option for BBQs than mayonnaise based or dairy heavy salads, because it can sit out longer. Continue Reading →

Southern Granola

I have never been to the American south but I imagine lots of sun drenched porches scattered with people drinking sweet tea, old pickup trucks racing down dirt roads and ladies slaving away in country kitchens to make endless amounts of hearty soul food.  Maybe I have been watching too many country music videos but I love the flavors and ingredients from this region and they provided my inspiration for this granola.   Continue Reading →

Agua de Jamaica

The beautiful red color of this drink comes from dried hibiscus flowers.  I like it when Western science can prove the effectiveness of natural remedies, as is the case with hibiscus.  Many recent studies have shown it to be effective at lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, regulating blood sugar levels and promoting improved circulation.  Plus it also contains a high concentration of many antioxidants and Vitamin C.   Continue Reading →

Broccoli Bacon Salad

Once upon a time I went vegan for a few years.  During that period green vegetables made up a large component of my regular diet.  I fell in love with them all, except for raw broccoli.  This salad definitely changes that.  In the winter I like to use raisins for this but since it is summer, grapes make a very good substitute.  This can be made the day before serving because it is even better after some time in the fridge to marinate. Continue Reading →

Steak with Bourbon Bacon BBQ Sauce

Most commercial BBQ sauces are filled with artificial sweeteners and cheap fillers.  This is a very decadent homemade alternative.  It still has lots of sweetness but none of the ingredients come from a laboratory.  It does take a lot longer than opening a prepared bottle but it is so worth it!  You can make it the day before serving and store it in the fridge. Continue Reading →