Tabbouleh en Beige

Tabbouleh is a traditional Middle Eastern salad, usually very green with much more parsley.  This version is predominantly beige from the millet with little specs of green, but I promise it is not lacking in taste.  I like to use millet instead of the more traditional bulgur since it is gluten free and very rich in several important nutrients including iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Continue Reading →

Peach Pork BBQ with Foiled Vegetables

My brother and I threw this family dinner together because we have been wanting to try grilled peaches.  There was one ominous fireball when he turned on the BBQ but at least we did not heat up the house with the oven.  By the end of the summer I may overcome my fear of singeing off all my hair and start it myself, but for now I am lucky to have him as my sous chef…  If you have not tried grilled peaches yet, I highly recommend them!   Continue Reading →

Cinnamon Bun Granola

My mom loves cinnamon so I made this especially for her.  She likes to eat it sprinkled over greek yogurt but it could also be nice with some fresh berries or used to jazz up some plain oatmeal.  Don’t get too excited but it kind of tastes like a healthy cinnamon bun… in granola form.  Once you have all the ingredients this is easy to make time and again.  In the long run it is also more cost effective than buying fancy packaged granolas, many of which contain preservatives, cheap fillers, unhealthy sweeteners and GMOs.
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